edrin the donBorn Edirin ("Peace") Owhojeta, originated from Nigeria Delta Region, Edrino the Don grew up in Lagos, Capital of Nigeria, in the 70s. He discovered his passion for music through Fela Kuti, a pioneer in Nigerian afrobeat and political activist, whose memorial Edrino would often visit after school. Inspired by Fela Kuti's ideals and courage, Edrino vowed to follow in his footsteps, adopting Fela Kuti's signature instrument, the saxophone.

Disillusioned by the living conditions and lack of opportunity in his motherland, Edrino--despite the opposition of his family, who believed higher education as the only means of achieving success--left Nigeria at 23 years of age to travel through South and Central America. During his travel in Brazil, he played saxophone in a local band, performing samba, reggae and hip hop music in a number of shows and earning enthusiastic acclaim from the local population with his inspired performances and extraordinary musicianship. Despite his success in Brazil, Edrino's ambition eventually took him to New York City, where he fell in love with a culture that welcomed aspiring artists like himself. While struggling to earn a living to support his music, Edrino worked to develop his own vision and sound.

Influenced by the traditional music of his homeland and American hip hop, Edrino the Don crafted his "Afro hip hop" style, a union of contemporary American hip hop music with English and West African dialects, such as Yoruba and pidgin English (which is also widely spoken in the Caribbeans). His unique musical stylings supplement his vivid descriptions of life in Nigeria and of his compelling experiences traveling the world as an African musician. As a visionary artist combining crucial elements of his cultural journey, Edrino the Don uses his music to speak to and inspire audiences in Africa and throughout the world.